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Are you looking for an expert team that excels in the installation of hot tubs, swim spas, and swimming pools? Then look no further than KB Pools, as we do it all, from private and commercial hot tubs to hot tub covers and more. Enquire about our competitively priced service by calling us on 01202 518067. 

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If you’ve ever been to a spa or stayed in a hotel, it likely had leisure facilities that included a hot tub. Hot tubs differ somewhat from swim spas in that they are designed for a person to sit in place. Swim spas can offer this option but are primarily designed for people who want to exercise. They let you swim continuously against a water current without hitting the wall. 

Meanwhile, hot tubs are favoured more for their excellent hydrotherapy options and are widely enjoyed for the relaxation and pleasure they provide. Yet hot tubs are something people rarely get to enjoy outside of leisure centres, hotels, and day spas. That is unless you join the many customers who’ve approached KB Pools enquiring about hot tub installation. 

At KB Pools, we only supply one brand of the hot tub – Jacuzzi, invented by Roy Jacuzzi in the 1960s. We swear by Jacuzzis as the best of the best when it comes to hot tubs. No other hot tubs match Jacuzzis for design, features, comfort, or performance. These tubs sport 60+ years of innovation, high-quality designs, and cutting-edge technologies. 

From relaxing at the end of a long and stressful day to unlocking the myriad health benefits, hot tubs have become part of many of our customers’ daily routines. Soon, one may become part of yours, too. We carry a range of models to cater to all budgets and requirements. 

We’ve cherry-picked some of the best Jacuzzi hot tubs on the market, including hot tubs from the fantastic J-Series, including: 

Visit our showroom, and you’ll be taken on a tour of our available hot tubs. We also have a wet testing area where you can try out some of our hot tubs before you buy. Once you’ve decided, we’ll take care of everything, from delivery to installation. And we supply accessories, too, including hot tub covers and cleaning products. 

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Benefits of Installing a Hot Tub 

Now that you’ve had a chance to read about what we do above let’s talk a little about the benefits of hot tubs. Hot tubs are a luxury investment and not for everyone. Therefore, it’s an expense you’ll need to justify, as hot tubs and the associated installation service is not cheap. If you’re on the fence, it’s always a good idea to consider the benefits of hot tubs. 

If these benefits tick all the right boxes, then a hot tub would be a wise investment for your home. Nothing beats hot tubs for relaxing and unwinding. With the hot water, bubbles, and gentle massage the underwater jets provide, you can easily lose a few hours. And here are a few more reasons why customers should invest in hot tubs: 

  • Stress-Relief 
  • Relaxes Muscles 
  • Increases Heart Rate 
  • Sweats Out Toxins 
  • Relief for Conditions Such as Stress, Back Pain, and Arthritis 
  • Perfect for Aromatherapy and Light Therapy 
  • Better Quality Sleep 

Time was that baths were a way of staying clean. Modern trends have shifted this function to the shower, while baths are taken more for relaxation. Hot tubs are like baths, only considerably better at leaving you feeling completely unwound. Stressful day? Step into a hot tub and feel the stress melt away. 

The warmth of the water and the relaxing underwater jet massage combine to have a relaxing effect on your muscles. The experience also gets your heart racing, which is great for your cardiovascular health. And the heat helps you to sweat out any toxins. 

Do you regularly suffer from back, neck or joint pain? Do you have a condition like arthritis? Or maybe you’re an athlete or exercise a lot. Hot tubs are a great way to soothe aching muscles and relieve painful joints and bones. 

Hot tubs are perfect for those that wish to engage in aromatherapy and offer light therapy options that can facilitate recovery. 

Of course, with a hot tub installation, you have an effective way to unlock better quality sleep. Hot tubs leave you relaxed, unwound, and ready to fall asleep when your head hits the pillow. 

And don’t worry about the cost or safety aspect. With one of our hot tub covers, your hot tub will remain at a pleasant temperature without needing to heat it constantly. And young children and pets will be safe from falling in.

Installations That We Offer

We’ve covered a lot of ground above, so let’s summarise some of the products we install below. These products include: 

Jacuzzi Hot Tubs 

Jacuzzi hot tubs are why we’re all here. That’s the focus of this article, so let’s briefly recap our excellent range of hot tubs. We carry the Jacuzzi J-Series with options to suit all budgets and requirements. Our hot tubs are made out of acrylic, which is Tri-Fusion layered ABS and insulation foam. This keeps the hot tubs at the perfect temperature, especially when you add hot tub covers. 

They also feature low-energy circulation pumps, ensuring that water is circulated continuously. This is far better than intermittent water pumps as it costs less and keeps the water cleaner. Our hot tubs are the strongest in the industry and come with Pro Endure Cabinets that are weather resistant and won’t fade with time. 

Jacuzzi Swim Spa  

Swim spas are confused with hot tubs, but they are nothing like hot tubs. Swim spas are more of an alternative to swimming pools. They are designed for seasoned athletes and beginners alike, with variable current features that adjust the intensity of the water current. When activated, the water current holds the swimmer in place as they swim, so you never touch the walls. 

Plus, many swim spas are designed as aqua fitness centres. These are perfect for those who like to incorporate water-based strengthening or aerobic exercises into their training regime. They also offer a spa pool combination with a dedicated hydrotherapy setting, giving you a place to cool down. Swim spas require much less space as they have a smaller footprint than a swimming pool. 

Jacuzzi Sauna and Steam 

The Sasha range of luxury cabins house the best sauna and steam room experience you can get at home. The range sports Tepidarium, Hammam, and Caldarium technologies, providing an all-in-one spa experience that bolsters your immune system, expels unwanted toxins, and leaves you feeling refreshed. Customers can choose from different options, such as Roman and Finnish. 

And our excellent Sasha range comes with Bluetooth technology and Chromodream lighting. Each cabin combines a sauna, steam room, and shower. So, once you’re done, you can wash down without needing to move to a separate room. 

Swimming Pools

In addition to hot tubs, we design and build swimming pools. In fact, customers often opt for hot tubs and swimming pools as the perfect pairing. We can build indoor and outdoor pools and install endless swimming pools, too. Endless pools are much like swim spas, only bigger. 

And if you wish to have an indoor pool fitted inside but would like to use the space for other things, too, we’ve got the right solution. We can fit movable pool floors that lower when the pool is in use and raise when the pool is no longer needed. 

Plus, we offer all the usual accessories, such as pool cleaners, swimming pool covers, hot tub covers, and more. So, for the best hot tubs, hot tub covers, swimming pools, and more look no further than KB Pools – a team with 25+ years of experience installing hot tubs, swimming pools, etc. 


They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, and when it comes to hot tubs, swim spas, and swimming pools, words alone aren’t enough to help you pick the right product. Our gallery page contains high-definition images of some of the hot tubs and swim spas that our UK team has installed over the years, including commercial hot tubs. 

These images should convince you that we’re the team to call for hot tub installation. 

Why Choose KB Pools and Hot Tubs to Install Your Hot Tub

KB Pools was founded over 25 years ago and today is one of the largest companies in the UK, specialising in the installation of hot tubs, swim spas, swimming pools, etc. We’re also one of the biggest suppliers of hot tub and pool accessories, including cleaning products and hot tub covers. 

We exclusively carry Jacuzzi hot tubs, so you know you’re buying quality. And we charge competitive prices, so you’ll never pay more than you should for your hot tub installation. 

As a company, we’re with you every step of the way, from your initial enquiry to the design and installation. And we’re there for you afterwards, too; we provide outstanding aftercare support, ensuring your peace of mind. We’re registered with SPATA and Gas Safe, accreditations you should always look for when hiring a hot tub installation company. 

Plus, we don’t stop at hot tubs, swim spas, and swimming pools. We also design and build specialised rooms, including saunas and steam rooms. And we supply whatever you need to get the fullest experience from your hot tub, swimming pool, sauna, etc. 

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So, if you’re looking for a company that specialises in the installation of hot tubs, swim spas, and more, look no further than KB Pools. We’re the number one pool and hot tub specialist in England. To enquire about our hot tubs, call us at 01202 518067, complete our online contact form, or email